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    ATTENTION: Please note that failure to observe and/or carry out regular maintenance may result in voiding the warranty. Please contact our team if you'd like more information on this.


    Clean, adjust, inflate and grease. This is the basic maintenance protocol of a conventional bike, and fully applicable to the case of an electric bicycle. It is very important to check the bicycle after use to extend the life of the components. We recommend that you carefully follow the following points::

    a. Clean all areas of the bike with rags with soap and water, but not with abrasive products such as alcohol or turpentine. An air compressor can be of great help.

    b. Check the condition of the tyres to ensure that they have no cuts, cracks or embedded objects such as rocks, glass or sticks.

    c. Brake pads must be close to the disk but not touching it; when activating the brake lever with little force, the brake must act instantly. The pads must be perfectly adjusted to avoid uneven braking and noise.

    d. Cables should not be too rigid because material might expand due to temperature variation and usage conditions and, if forced, it can weaken until breaking point.

    e. Make sure the chain runs without friction from elements external to its mechanism.

    f. Due to the vibrations during use, one must check the tension of nuts and bolts; mainly on the wheels, the saddle and the handlebars stem.

    g. Grease the bottom bracket bearings and wheel hubs.

    h. Do not carry passengers or heavy objects (rear rack load capacity: maximum 27 kg), they can damage the battery and motor.

    Do not use pressurised water.


    All LEGEND EBIKES are powered by Lithium batteries. To recharge the battery, connect the transformer to the current and the output jack to the battery in its sole position. The charge indicators notify that charging is complete when the transformer has a green light. Besides recharging, these batteries do not require any other maintenance. To prolong battery life, do not store the bike in areas where the temperature will drop below zero degrees or exceed 50ºC. To optimise the life of your battery, try to recharge it while respecting the following rules:

    a. Do not wait until the battery is fully discharged to recharge it. Note that the more frequently you recharge your battery the better the performance you will get from it.

    b. Store at 50% level of charge.

    c. Store in a cool, dry place and charge at least once every two months.

    d. Try not to store the battery fully discharged or fully charged for long periods of time.

    e. Due to the natural self-discharge rate in the Lithium-Ion cells, you should check the charge level approximately every 2 months and, if necessary, charge for 30 minutes.


    To optimise its performance, follow these guidelines:

    a. When used against a headwind or on a slope, try to help the motor by applying more force on pedalling. This will prevent the motor and/or battery from heating up.

    b. In rainy conditions, the bicycle should not be used on land where the water level covers the motor or controller.


    The controller is installed inside the frame. It is very important to consider the following points:

    a. Do not immerse in water.

    b. Do not hit or open it.

    NOTE: In the event that the controller box is filled with water, turn off the general power immediately and pedal without electrical assistance until you are sure it is dry. Then, you can turn the pedal assist system back on.


    It is important that you refer to this table to find out what the regular maintenance requirements are for your bicycle.

    Bear in mind that the not adhering to regular maintenance services will void the warranty.